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Hey! Welcome to my territory a.k.a my online diary
Read and enjoy my online diary. If you don't like, just close the tab. Simple and easy.You can leave your message in chat board .. (:
Thank You!
Hi Visitors! Everything ii write in my online diary, is all about my real life. NO PLASTIC. If ii wrote something which make you pissed off, well, iim sorry. ii dare to write because it is truth. :)
part 1 - Genting trip 16/11
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 @ 6:32 PM

went to genting trip my whole gang of frenz
very very excited
a nite b4 cant sleep well
of coz la
bcoz want go genting ady mar
so excited lur
me wake up early in the morning
bcoz morning feel cold
my action very slow
=.= @.@
dnt knw how
when i look to the wall clock
it ady 7am
then i quickly put on everything
after tat
i juz ate some bread for breakfast
then i received phone call from my frenz
asked me faster cum out
then only i know
all frenz come ady
me is the late one
then me fast fast went out lur
dnt wnt frenz wait long time for me

but when i reached at the mid pont
we promise to gathered together
i saw no one at there!!
suddenly feel scare
i thought everyone leaving without me!!
& thought they left me behind
>.< lolx
then i saw a bus
saw some i know de frenz went into the bus
so i follow them
when i goes up
i saw juz boys at there
few larh
=.= lol
then i turn back
asked the pak cik where are the rest
then the pak cik said mayb at upstairs(meant skul)
then i called my frenz asked them cum down
after tat they come
all look sooo fabulous
but not me larh
me normal only nia
i meant simple ^^v

in bus
i sit wif my machii, Eisie ^^
then hor
i saw balloon so pity no frenz
then me asked him to joined my gang
he agree..
we talk many many in the bus
i keep walk here n there to chat wif others frenz
while waiting to reach the bus
i feel sleepy
coz the bus so slow
plus, i cant wait to reach genting!!

we all reached there around 11.30 something
although so slow
but at least we safe ^^v yea .
after tat
me n my frenz quickly went to toilet
everybody feel cold until want pee
>< hahaha
we went to cable car
excited moment & the scary moment
lol coz i scare ride on cable car!!
look scary lorh
but luckily less ppl at there
so can fast our turn to ride
me, my frenz & the only boy, balloon
sit at the same cable car
^^ haha
everyone look excited
n we make noise when inside the cable car
cant stop talking,, lolx
me leh
begging so tat can fast reach at the top
>.< coz me scare
but at last we reached there safely!!
yea yea!!! i still survive hahaha
after tat
we separate wif other frenz
only left 8 ppl in my group
2 boyz only
haha, balloon n tee ^^
we take a walk 1st b4 go buy the ticket
we buy all park ticket
2 ppl purchase rm51
kinda cheap lorh
got discount ^v^
then we take a fast walk
go straight to the outdoor

when we go out
we run happily like a crazy ppl
while talking loudly
1st time feel this high ^^v
1st thing we saw is
Flying coaster!!
yea . haha
we run towards there like a child
lolx hahaha
quickly buy ticket to play
6 frenz wnt play only
so we divide 3 - 3 lorh
unlucky de thing happen
i saw him!!!!!!
my heart stop beating
he saw me too
actually he keep smiling coz hv'ing fun
after saw me, -no smile-
=.=ll wat the.........
tat moment i feel the world very small
算 ler

then hor
me quickly line up
wait for our turn to play
^^ weeeeee~~
so excited oh
we our turn cum oh
from there
i still can saw him
& he is watching
but i dnt bother
Eisie so funny oh
hvnt start yet
juz moving to the front only
she ady start screaming
me n balloon keep laugh at her
then it start to going up
scaring moment come
actually i dnt scream de
but then when reach the top 1
i start screaming ady
xD haha
really feel tat im flying lorh
this is my fav game
me play many times liao
but Eisie n balloon 1st time play
actually Eisie dnt wnt play de
but me n balloon keep force she go play
then she joined us ^^v
finish play...
Eisie told me tat she feel like want play again
lol hahaha

finished play
we go other side
play dnt wat name ady
dnt knw wat ship
at 1st hor
saw ppl paly like nth de
not tat "chi gek"
when our turn hor
we sit at the very 1st which is at the end of the ship
when moving``
i feel like want play away liao
=.=ll lolx
my heart feel like fly away
then i quickly "take back" my heart
the most noisy is us
me, Eisie, balloon n tee
other ppl look so relaks
even the sit opposite de children oso
means we more excited then children
but it's ok maa
we enjoy the game =P
at there me oso saw him
wuwuwu```` >< haiz

actually we want go spaceshot de
but then, -in services-
=.= haizz
then we walk at the other side lorh
=.= haiz
so bad```
then we went indoor
plan want watch 3D - monster ...(dnt knw wat)
wait for our turn so damn lama
=.=ll standing at there juz like stupid ppl
lol .. haha
juz like those indon ppl being sent back to their country
by using kapal tongkang
waited for their turn
waited about 1 hour i think
lol .. then only can go in
kinda scaring me lorh
the shark suddenly come toward me
keep closing my eye
but when i open
it right infront of my eye
=.=ll ....haha
Eisie said she take off the spec
even balloon oso say scare .. lol
after tat we went to eat
stomach start hungry
=S hehehe
at 1st plan want eat at McD
but then when saw the price
*(mouth open big)
the Yee n Yen qucikly find other place de
find more cheap de
then at last we eat at KFC
we sharing money to buy 1 variety bucket (i think)

after tat
start feel bored lorh
outside raining
cant go out oso
then we all go play Marry-Go-round
while waiting for our turn
me n Xin keep singing those children de songs
crazy liao```
xD kakaka
after our turn lorh
me, balloon n Eisie sit in one place
^^ hehe
at 1st feel gud lorh
the view from the up very nice
after tat no feeling ady
waiting for it to stop
but not..
we go 9 rounds @.@
it's ok actually
better thn nth to do
b4 tat..
we all paly bumper car lur
me very noob de
balloon keep baanng me der =.= notty

after tat we went out
still raining but juz small rain only
so we decide take a walk lorh
dnt knw how
separate wif the other oso =.= alamak``
only left me, Eisie n balloon
fine lur,,, we walk together, hand in hand
we go all part``almost larh
but not playing coz raining
but ii like tat time... most like tat time
feel so nice n romantic
^^v wuahaha... although feel cold
but`` i really like
very nice``` hehe
keep asking Eisie n balloon walk again
then Tee come join us
^^ hehehe

actually still got things wanna write
but too long ady
next time will continue
=S @.@
oh ya
photo leh
wait me take from frenz only can upload it


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