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im the one and only Macveelovea in this world. (:

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Hey! Welcome to my territory a.k.a my online diary
Read and enjoy my online diary. If you don't like, just close the tab. Simple and easy.You can leave your message in chat board .. (:
Thank You!
Hi Visitors! Everything ii write in my online diary, is all about my real life. NO PLASTIC. If ii wrote something which make you pissed off, well, iim sorry. ii dare to write because it is truth. :)
Sunday, August 18, 2013 @ 8:59 PM

well .
ii guess ii've met new one .
perhaps he will the one who will stay
i wish he will be the one
but ii afraid that i'm hoping too much on him
end up like before

the previous one (Ex)
well ii guess , many people wondered why we broke up
i'm not surprise that we end up like this
after gone through many complicated conflicts
but we still be friend
because we agreed that it's useless to fight for such thing
immature attitude .(well said)
we used to love each other, but now that love only as friend

the only thing that keep on playing on my mind
"isn't it too fast to open my heart for the new comer?"
me myself can't give the answer that can make myself satisfy
people said, life is short, make it sweet, enjoy as much as you want
you are still young, why bother so much about it ?
even married people can divorce
(easy to say but a lil bit difficult to carry out)
why difficult?
because afraid to be hurt again . simple answer .

but so far, yes, i admit that, with the so-called new comer,
we have lil fight . but i don't know why
when we quarrel and we stop texting each other
ii will miss him a lot . worry about him . that hurt feeling come approach me
such feeling, emotion, never happen when i'm with the Ex
compare with the Ex, when we fight, no texting, ii don't even care much
totally different with this newbie .
and my heart beat fast when ii see him (what is this all about??)
ii feel that ii getting love him more, care about him very much
deep inside, ii still afraid it ends up with the same ending

hey DB
ii think ii love you (:

written by,
♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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