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im the one and only Macveelovea in this world. (:

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Hey! Welcome to my territory a.k.a my online diary
Read and enjoy my online diary. If you don't like, just close the tab. Simple and easy.You can leave your message in chat board .. (:
Thank You!
Hi Visitors! Everything ii write in my online diary, is all about my real life. NO PLASTIC. If ii wrote something which make you pissed off, well, iim sorry. ii dare to write because it is truth. :)
Sunday, October 28, 2012 @ 9:48 PM

hey ..

my cousin's wedding day ..

this is the second time ii attended his wedding ceremony

and it was my first time went to Kpg Munggu Gernis

kinda excited but end up kinda disappointed
erm ..

reasons why ...!?

the food ... did not look like what ii expected

huhuhu ..

thought that only me who complained about the food
but the others too ..
hahai waii ...

never mind ..
ii'm just one of the guests

nothing ii can do ..

anyway ..
ii enjoyed the ceremony although ii sit near with aunts
at first really boring 'til death

they talk too much and people were tired

because we got nothing to do other than drink alcohol

ii end up heng heng with my cousins
hahaha ...
never mind .. once in a while bah ..

#here are some pictures of the wedding ceremony

#randomly take photos
#sorry about the quality
#photo taken by Gerald & Basil

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 @ 11:13 PM

hey ...
in the mood of study for up coming final exam
but out of sudden ii get bored of it ...
reading the same thing !?
pity my brain ...

what is it all about !??
why am ii so stupid to understand all of it !!??
its not as easy as ii thought !

dummy is dumb dumb ...
and that is me 
late pick up
seem like ii learnt nothing for ages
is there any simplest ways for me to learn this thingy things ?!

hopefully miracle will come approach me

especially during the "war"
ii'm waiting for it .. teeheee


#this is special dedication for him
Teehee ... his smile makes my day

well ..
wish myself goodluck 
study that thingy things
language desciptions
urrgghhh ..

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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fake or real
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 @ 10:24 PM

well ...
ii guess im mature enuf now
ii know what is right or what is wrong
just others still think that i'm a kid
small kid ?
ii tried to prove that im not a kid
but everytime iim trying to do so
they blame me
said that im stubborn
selfish ... ignorance ..
hell yah !
like eu never be a teen ...?
ii thought that eu are the one who mature enuf
should understand what ii feel ...
don't eu ??
all this thing make me feel that
my life become fake !
everything that ii do will become false to eu
should ii be like what eu want me to be ??
am ii pretending to be somebody or this is me
ii want freedom !!
can anybody understand that ??!


#so ii edited my pic into this kind of thing
it look fake and yah
that's the life that ii go thru now

what does it mean actually ?
why it come to my life now ?
ii just realize that ii have to beware of people around me
especially this so called BFF
why u have to put me into ur problem ??
hello ~!?
who do you think you are !?
ii just met eu ..
ii dont know eu and eu dont know me
it is not a good idea at all
ii repeat NOT A GOOD IDEA
anyway ... no matter how
ii won't give up ..
be natural is better than forcing myself to become unreal
iim gonna smile because smiling is the best weapon
to 'kill' your frenemies 


♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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Well done
@ 5:30 PM

taaa daaaa~~
this is what ii'm searching for ...
something different from the previous one ...
it took few hours for me to complete it ..
need a lot of patient
now ii know how to update the template
next time ii update it again ...


next week ii will joining a "war"
wish myself a good luck in that "war"
ii'm gonna be a good soldier ... brave one

hey ..
before ii forget ..
ii wanna share something ..
something new in my life ..
ii learnt that never condemn others 
because you will need them one day 
don't revenge
KARMA will help you ..
chill out !!

life will be simple if you follow the rules


worry not much if you did nothing wrong

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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@ 3:29 PM

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

hey ..
it has been a long time ii did not update my blog

hell yah
ii am working on to change my blog template
but it end up to something that is not my origin plan

ii still trying to make some changes in my blog
so that it will not look DEAD

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