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im the one and only Macveelovea in this world. (:

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Hey! Welcome to my territory a.k.a my online diary
Read and enjoy my online diary. If you don't like, just close the tab. Simple and easy.You can leave your message in chat board .. (:
Thank You!
Hi Visitors! Everything ii write in my online diary, is all about my real life. NO PLASTIC. If ii wrote something which make you pissed off, well, iim sorry. ii dare to write because it is truth. :)
♥ Sejarah Mungkin Berulang ♥
Saturday, July 30, 2011 @ 1:30 PM

sejauh mana mampu bertahan

sampai bila harusku tenang

setiap kali bertentangan

tiada ketenangan

cemburumu merantai hati

meleburkan semangat hati

bila ku kenangkan kemanisan lalu

semua itu ku ketepikan

andaiku turut rasa hati

telah jauh ku bawa diri

tapi kemaafanku lahir dari hati .. mengatasi

sejarah mungkin berulang

walau engkau ku maafkan

tapi mungkin hanya sementara

keinsafan di hatimu

berpanas hujan berembun

tak pernah ku hiraukan

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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winner of the year :)
Sunday, July 17, 2011 @ 12:36 PM

seems like a drem come true


miss this moment

it happened very fast

not all members are in this photo


sweet memory with them

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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15/7 -- happy nite :)
Saturday, July 16, 2011 @ 4:19 PM


im BACK again... :)

wanna share good news at here


yesterday we hv a "ngiling bidai" festival


penutupan Hari Gawai Dayak

at first me & frenz become waitress to serve ppl drinks

after tat we changed clothes

bcoz we participate in POCO-POCO dance competition

so nervous bcoz it's our first time to perform at stage

we did our best

although occured some problem


we saw many participant performed very well, better than us

lost confidence on winning the competition


when they start to announce the winners for the competition

we start to get nervous again

3rd place goes to senior group

2nd place also the same

it make us no more confidence to win

but when they announce my group's name

as the WINNER

without any doubt, we shout & stand up

with big applause to ourself

OMG !!!

ii nvr thought tat we can be the winner !!!

we = JUNIOR !!!

junior wins the senior


like in the dream


view my fb's profile to see the pics ...


reali hv a good nite yesterday

sweet dreamz

woke up in the afternoon

who care ???

it's weekend dude


tats all for today``



♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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♥ LiF3 ♥
Tuesday, July 12, 2011 @ 11:59 PM

recently.. there's a lot of things happened
either good or bad

for me ..
more to good ..
because ii enjoyed my college's life
ii noe it's hard at first
but ii keep on trying my best to make myself comfortable at here
think positively
ii hope ii can keep on like this 'till the end
5 & a half years to go
huhuhu ....
pray tat ii can :)


people a.k.a frenz around me ..
most of them are very nice
ii appreciated it
but ...
for some other people
sooooo annoying -.- (kinda)
"pintu neraka"
wondering how to get rid of those ppl
act unprofessionally
wtf ...
come on laa
be positive
dont just think abt urself
be MATURE (like wat g.k said)
if cant solve it by urself
ask for a help from ppl around you
hello ...
you're not alone.... ok ?

try to be happy just like him
weeee~~ :)

ohh yaa...
recently ii hd skypeíng with someone
first time~
quite funny
coz ii dnt noe how to use it
im IT dumb dumb

tats all for today ..
will update again on next time
gd nite

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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Miss Aemo is back !!
Wednesday, July 6, 2011 @ 11:35 PM

Yo !!
dear frenz ..
miss Aemo is back
long time dint update my blog...

btw ..
im not in form 6 now
ady quit form 6
now im study at IPG Kampus Tun Abdul Razak
ii cant believe tat me myself can study at IPGK TAR
( ^^ )
seem like iim one in the million can study at here
ii mean one of lucky person

ii met many new frenz at here
all over the world
from west m'sia also got
other races too
glad to know them

ii learnt many things at here
most ii like is this word "dont be an AS"
fb like !!
only my classmate knows wat it mean ...

last but not least
ii will try my best at here !!
because ii trust this word
"You can be the best if you struggle hard enough to be one"
____by my class lecturer

thats all
good nitez ...

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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