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im the one and only Macveelovea in this world. (:

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Hey! Welcome to my territory a.k.a my online diary
Read and enjoy my online diary. If you don't like, just close the tab. Simple and easy.You can leave your message in chat board .. (:
Thank You!
Hi Visitors! Everything ii write in my online diary, is all about my real life. NO PLASTIC. If ii wrote something which make you pissed off, well, iim sorry. ii dare to write because it is truth. :)
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 @ 4:41 PM

hey ...

today ii went out with my friend, Carol

our main aims is to find part time job around our housing area

but unfortunately we are being rejected ...

pity us ...

body full of sweat and hot

windless day ...

Avatar.TroChoiThoiTrang.Net-yoyo_monkey55.jpg -

but we got nothing in return

and ii was like..... what the ....

tired of walking here and there

shy to ask whether the shop has vacancy or not

back home ii straight away lay on my bed

switch on the fan and enjoy watching TV

ii can feel the heat from my body is evaporate

going out from my body

Avatar.TroChoiThoiTrang.Net-yoyo_monkey53.jpg -

ii will be frustrated if ii can't find any part time job

cause ii know ii will keep on eat and sleep if there's nothing to do

can ii just scream and ask who willing to hire me as their worker ??

as long as it is not far from my home

so far ... at home

every morning ii wake up

brush my teeth.. take a shower 

comb my hair ... wear shirts and pants

go to kitchen and take my breakfast

Avatar.TroChoiThoiTrang.Net-yoyo_monkey30.jpg -

after that ....

switch on my lappy and play game like hell

until evening

life is so boring if there's no entertainment

especially for teenager like me

well ... at least give me something to do

like shaking my body (doing exercise to keep fit)

hopefully that the fats will drop down

dancing...perhaps ...

but ii know ii won't do that ...

wuahaha ... ii know myself very well


ii don't know what ii should do during this holidays


ohh God .. please help me ..

help me to figure out what ii can do during this empty days

hopefully that You can give me idea ...

begging You to help me

if ii were a boy ...

ii would like to go to gym or kickboxing

release my tension

cause im in the mood to punch people

especially those make me hate them

dushh dusshhh duusshhh 

#iim just dreaming ... day and night dream .. xDD

never mind

there's only one thing that im sure that ii must do it 

that is waiting him to come back here next month

bringing along my Christmas present .. 

oohhaaaaa ....

Avatar.TroChoiThoiTrang.Net-yoyo_monkey02.jpg -

hey ... what will he give me ??

he said ii will like it so much ..

what is it ??

big size teddy bear ??

a diamond ring ??

couple T-Shirts ??
hehhh ... ii just dreaming again to own all of that things 

okay .. stop here for today ..

coming back later/tomorrow

tata ... 

♫♥..mizz Aemo..♫♥

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